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The Foundation, created in March 2001 is based in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands).

It was during the vernissage of Haitian painter Burton Chenet's exhibition, in the Centre d'Art in Port-Au-Prince, that the Foundation was launched by: Gérald Alexis, Michèle Alfred, Louison A. Balthazar, Patrice Dilly and Gilbert Dumont.

It aims at:

• Promoting the Haitian culture, and more generally Caribbean and Latin American cultures in theCarribbean and overseas through local artists.

• Seeking and providing financial or material support (scholarships, subsidies, artist-in-residence programs) to artists which works exemplify and pass on Caribbean and Latin-American cultures.

• Creating a permanent space for cultural gatherings and exhibitions around Caribbean art and craft.

• Funding humanitarian projects in the Caribbean area.

• Collaborating with national and international institutions (public or private) to help them set up and holding exhibitions.

First exhibition run by the Caribbean/Latin American Art Foundation, ltd in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands), from June 6 to 10 featuring 2 Haitian painters: Burton Chenet and Jorelus Joseph, 2 painters from St. Croix : La Vaughn Belle and Gerville Rene Larsen, 1 Haitian sculptor : Lionel Saint Eloi, 1 sculptor from St. Croix : Michael E. Walsh.

A few pictures taken during the vernissage
Next exhibition
in December 2001: 101 items :Where does the boundary stand between art and craft in Haiti?

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